When will I receive my photos?

All photos are typically delivered via online album three weeks after your session date. Here, you will be able to view and pick your desired images. Then, download and save them. You may also order prints through your online album!

Do you offer image products?

I typically only offer digital images at this time (Unless the package states otherwise). But I can always assist you in purchasing products!

When should I book my session?

I often book out at least two months ahead. I am a mother of three, momtrepenuer of two businesses, soccer mom, and wife! So, I have a lot of personal events to also schedule around and babysitters to book, hah. Therefor, it is best to book a head of time!

Do you get more images than what is listed in each package?

Usually! If I shoot more great shots than what is given in your package, I fully edit all of the ones I love and send them in your online gallery with a watermark. You then get to pick your included amount of images, and if you see more that you love, they can be purchased at a separate price, or I often give a discounted full gallery price. Once you pick, I release the watermark from all the images you purchased and they are ready for download right away.