Join Nicole, of Mia-Monroe Photography, in learning about the beauty of maternity photography and how you can capture this amazing time of life in an artistic and timeless way.

All mentoring experiences are held in the MMP Studio, located in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

What is included?

My goal is to teach you the fundamentals of multiple lighting set ups so you can create amazing RAW images and gain confidence in your craft.

You will experience hands on learning with me in my studio, where you can see first hand what I use. As we go along the day, I will not only teach you, but I will also challenge you to start putting your new skills to use in different scenarios. *A model will be provided.
You may ask as many questions as you would like! Nothing is left a secret!

Time Frame & Flow

5.5 Hrs
- Client Workflow
- Camera settings
- Equipment breakdown
- Creating cohesive looks & finding what your clients want
- Lighting techniques (high key, low key, simple gels & artistic illumination)
- Working with fabrics
- Working with gowns
- Editing
- Q&A
*I do not cover in depth business/financial info

The Investment

1:1 Experience $3,500
2:1 Experience $2,750 each
Small Group (3-4) $1,750 each
- Custom sets will be provided

*You are responsible for finding additional photographers for 2+ experiences or ask me if I have other inquires.

*A $300 deposit is required to book your experience. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior

After your MMP Education....

DON'T WORRY! I won't leave you to the sharks after our mentoring experience is over. You will be added in my private education Facebook group that consists of editing videos with multiple sets, open discussion, CC opportunities, and an amazing community of fellow photographers who are willing to support one another. I also have many discount opportunities with companies such as backdrops and gowns!


Lindsay n.

I had been admiring Nicole’s Instagram feed for months and dying to learn from her. In July 2022 I got my chance to do a 1:1 mentorship in her studio and it exceeded all my dreams! I had previously attended a maternity workshop and needed some education gaps filled. I feel like she not only filled those gaps for me but changed the game entirely for me and what I thought was possible for my work. I was also thrilled to discover that I didn’t have to invest in any new expensive lighting or equipment to get the look I desired. She didn’t hold anything back and answered every question I had (which was a LOT). Now when I go into a session I not only feel confident but now I know that I’m going to knock it out of the park for my clients, and that is an amazing feeling! 

lilia s.

Nicole was able to help me find my missing pieces to my photography that I so needed. Not only did I learn tremendously with my posing,lighting, and editing but she also helped guide me with different aspects of running my business as well. My lighting has been a huge upgrade thanks to the knowledge I received during my hands-on mentoring session with Nicole. This mentor session has been one of the best investments in my business. Thank you Nicole for the amazing opportunity and helping transform my craft and business. 

Liliana M.

Nicole's effortless approach to capturing motherhood in all the different dynamic ways was really inspiring. Her simple, yet proved way of lighting for mood and feeling was everything I hoped to gain from her and more! I loved how she showed us how to pose for each style of shooting from posing, to directing to get the client to understand what vibe she wanted from the images created. I loved the way she quickly posed and captured the images she needed and moved on to create as much variety as she could for us. It was easy to understand and completely eye opening on what you can do with 1-3 lighting setups to achieve incredible variety for our clients. I feel more confident in using my lights to create different looks in the same set up by just changing my angle and directing the client to achieve the looks desired.

Arianna M.

WOW WOW WOW! For me this was and will be a ONCE an a life opportunity. I am not good with words, but I can say that Nicole reminded me how much I love making moms to be feel BEAUTIFUL AND POWERFUL. I really loved that because I want to show my client how awesome and strong they are.  “The GODDESS” my favorite look and now I am going home confident that I will make my clients feel like one. Thank you NICOLE because you really have a unique style of teaching hands on, I feel that I learn more in one day than what I have learn in 4 previews workshops !