Hello, I'm Nicole.

I am the owner and photographer for Mia-Monroe Photography (Mia is my first born daughter). I am a mother of three beautiful children, and a wife to an amazing man. Creative energy and beautiful imagery fuels my soul, and I feel blessed to be able to create timeless memories for all my clients. I have put countless hours of education into my work, but always love to incorporate my own artistic flare.

I hope all of my clients feel beautiful, confident and excited during and after their sessions. I also hope they recognize the immeasurable value photographs bring to an individual and family- one day they will be all that is left to show of our beautiful memories.

Fun Facts About Me.

I began to professionally taking photos in 2016. I have three beautiful children: Mia, Emie and Cruz. I am happily married. Everyone thinks I am about 8-5 years younger than I actually am (I promise, I'm NOT in high school anymore)! Charcoal portrait drawing and painting are my first artistic loves. I began portrait drawing at the age of 9. I don't like coffee. I will often do weird crouching poses and lay on the ground just to get that great shot. My mind is always racing with visual ideas! Mia-Monroe is named after my first born daughter.

Contact Information

501 S Weber Rd., Bolingbrook, IL. (from July on)


Studio Phone: (630) 720-2188


501 S Weber Rd., Unit 105, Bolingbrook, IL.

Studio Phone: 630.720.2188


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