How To Book

  1. Please reply to our initial email thread with your interest to continue booking, and with your intended collection choice. We can then set a date and time. (All sessions only take place during the weekdays of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays at a 10 a.m. glam start time)
  2. Once we find a date and time that works best, a confirmation email will be sent with my portrait contract and sitting fee invoice. *the sitting fee of $350 does not include any prints or digitals. This fee will ensure a successful photo session day. Once these documents are complete, your session is fully locked in! If these are not completed within 48 hours, your session can no longer be held.
  3. One day after your confirmation email is sent, you will receive another email with a phone consultation scheduling link. On your phone consult day, we can discuss the aesthetics and process of your dream session!